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Set Name Color # Rarity Artist Quantity
Conflux Aerie Mystics White 1 Uncommon Mark Zug 12
Conflux Asha's Favor White 2 Common Donato Giancola 13
Conflux Aven Squire White 3 Common David Palumbo 24
Conflux Aven Trailblazer White 4 Common Chris Rahn 18
Conflux Celestial Purge White 5 Uncommon David Palumbo 8
Conflux Court Homunculus White 6 Common Matt Cavotta 14
Conflux Darklit Gargoyle White 7 Common Howard Lyon 29
Conflux Gleam of Resistance White 8 Common Matt Stewart 5
Conflux Lapse of Certainty White 9 Common Anthony Francisco 1
Conflux Mark of Asylum White 10 Rare Sal Villagran 1
Conflux Martial Coup White 11 Rare Greg Staples  
Conflux Mirror-Sigil Sergeant White 12 Mythic Chris Rahn 1
Conflux Nacatl Hunt-Pride White 13 Uncommon Steve Prescott 8
Conflux Paragon of the Amesha White 14 Uncommon Chris Rahn 4
Conflux Path to Exile White 15 Uncommon Todd Lockwood  
Conflux Rhox Meditant White 16 Common Donato Giancola 10
Conflux Scepter of Dominance White 17 Rare Howard Lyon 6
Conflux Sigil of the Empty Throne White 18 Rare Cyril Van Der Haegen  
Conflux Valiant Guard White 19 Common Chris Rahn 9
Conflux Wall of Reverence White 20 Rare Wayne Reynolds 1
Conflux Brackwater Elemental Blue 21 Common Thomas M. Baxa 10
Conflux Constricting Tendrils Blue 22 Common David Palumbo 19
Conflux Controlled Instincts Blue 23 Uncommon Ralph Horsley 5
Conflux Cumber Stone Blue 24 Uncommon Warren Mahy  
Conflux Esperzoa Blue 25 Uncommon Warren Mahy 6
Conflux Ethersworn Adjudicator Blue 26 Mythic Dan Scott 1
Conflux Faerie Mechanist Blue 27 Common Matt Cavotta 13
Conflux Frontline Sage Blue 28 Common Volkan Baga 13
Conflux Grixis Illusionist Blue 29 Common Mark Tedin 10
Conflux Inkwell Leviathan Blue 30 Rare Anthony Francisco 2
Conflux Master Transmuter Blue 31 Rare Chippy 1
Conflux Parasitic Strix Blue 32 Common Steven Belledin 10
Conflux Scepter of Insight Blue 33 Rare Steven Belledin 10
Conflux Scornful Ćther-Lich Blue 34 Uncommon Steven Belledin 9
Conflux Telemin Performance Blue 35 Rare Izzy 4
Conflux Traumatic Visions Blue 36 Common Cyril Van Der Haegen 13
Conflux Unsummon Blue 37 Common Izzy 11
Conflux View from Above Blue 38 Uncommon Howard Lyon 7
Conflux Worldly Counsel Blue 39 Common Matt Cavotta 17
Conflux Absorb Vis Black 40 Common Brandon Kitkouski 11
Conflux Corrupted Roots Black 41 Uncommon Mark Hyzer 2
Conflux Drag Down Black 42 Common Trevor Claxton 16
Conflux Dreadwing Black 43 Uncommon Mark Hyzer 7
Conflux Extractor Demon Black 44 Rare Carl Critchlow 6
Conflux Fleshformer Black 45 Uncommon Dave Kendall 4
Conflux Grixis Slavedriver Black 46 Uncommon Dave Kendall 10
Conflux Infectious Horror Black 47 Common Pete Venters 10
Conflux Kederekt Parasite Black 48 Rare Dan Scott 6
Conflux Nyxathid Black 49 Rare Raymond Swanland 6
Conflux Pestilent Kathari Black 50 Common Dave Kendall 1
Conflux Rotting Rats Black 51 Common Dave Allsop 10
Conflux Salvage Slasher Black 52 Common Anthony Francisco 16
Conflux Scepter of Fugue Black 53 Rare Franz Vohwinkel  
Conflux Sedraxis Alchemist Black 54 Common Karl Kopinski 22
Conflux Voices from the Void Black 55 Uncommon rk post 11
Conflux Wretched Banquet Black 56 Common Nils Hamm 17
Conflux Yoke of the Damned Black 57 Common Paul Bonner 7
Conflux Banefire Red 58 Rare Raymond Swanland  
Conflux Bloodhall Ooze Red 59 Rare Jaime Jones  
Conflux Canyon Minotaur Red 60 Common Steve Prescott 9
Conflux Dark Temper Red 61 Common Jaime Jones 10
Conflux Dragonsoul Knight Red 62 Uncommon Justin Sweet 5
Conflux Fiery Fall Red 63 Common Daarken 7
Conflux Goblin Razerunners Red 64 Rare Raymond Swanland 7
Conflux Hellspark Elemental Red 65 Uncommon Justin Sweet  
Conflux Ignite Disorder Red 66 Uncommon Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai 4
Conflux Kranioceros Red 67 Common Steve Argyle 19
Conflux Maniacal Rage Red 68 Common Brandon Kitkouski 2
Conflux Molten Frame Red 69 Common Izzy 10
Conflux Quenchable Fire Red 70 Common Jean-Sébastien Rossbach 5
Conflux Rakka Mar Red 71 Rare Jason Chan 5
Conflux Toxic Iguanar Red 72 Common Brandon Kitkouski 22
Conflux Viashino Slaughtermaster Red 73 Uncommon Raymond Swanland 8
Conflux Volcanic Fallout Red 74 Uncommon Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai 3
Conflux Voracious Dragon Red 75 Rare Dominick Domingo 1
Conflux Wandering Goblins Red 76 Common Karl Kopinski 22
Conflux Worldheart Phoenix Red 77 Rare Aleksi Briclot 7
Conflux Beacon Behemoth Green 78 Common Jesper Ejsing 9
Conflux Cliffrunner Behemoth Green 79 Rare Wayne Reynolds 4
Conflux Cylian Sunsinger Green 80 Rare Jesper Ejsing 8
Conflux Ember Weaver Green 81 Common Steve Prescott 16
Conflux Filigree Fracture Green 82 Uncommon Howard Lyon 12
Conflux Gluttonous Slime Green 83 Uncommon Trevor Claxton 1
Conflux Matca Rioters Green 84 Common Steve Argyle 10
Conflux Might of Alara Green 85 Common Steve Prescott  
Conflux Nacatl Savage Green 86 Common Parente 10
Conflux Noble Hierarch Green 87 Rare Mark Zug  
Conflux Paleoloth Green 88 Rare Christopher Moeller 7
Conflux Sacellum Archers Green 89 Uncommon Kev Walker 10
Conflux Scattershot Archer Green 90 Common Steve Argyle 2
Conflux Shard Convergence Green 91 Uncommon Vance Kovacs 7
Conflux Soul's Majesty Green 92 Rare Jesper Ejsing 5
Conflux Spore Burst Green 93 Uncommon Daarken 4
Conflux Sylvan Bounty Green 94 Common Chris Rahn 8
Conflux Thornling Green 95 Mythic Kev Walker  
Conflux Tukatongue Thallid Green 96 Common Vance Kovacs 5
Conflux Wild Leotau Green 97 Common Michael Komarck 10
Conflux Apocalypse Hydra Multicolor 98 Mythic Jason Chan  
Conflux Blood Tyrant Multicolor 99 Rare Karl Kopinski  
Conflux Charnelhoard Wurm Multicolor 100 Rare Lars Grant-West 5
Conflux Child of Alara Multicolor 101 Mythic Steve Argyle 1
Conflux Conflux Multicolor 102 Mythic Karl Kopinski 1
Conflux Countersquall Multicolor 103 Uncommon Anthony Francisco 3
Conflux Elder Mastery Multicolor 104 Uncommon Dave Allsop 11
Conflux Esper Cormorants Multicolor 105 Common Warren Mahy 9
Conflux Exploding Borders Multicolor 106 Common Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai 12
Conflux Fusion Elemental Multicolor 107 Uncommon Michael Komarck 4
Conflux Giltspire Avenger Multicolor 108 Rare Chris Rahn 3
Conflux Goblin Outlander Multicolor 109 Common Trevor Claxton 12
Conflux Gwafa Hazid, Profiteer Multicolor 110 Rare Todd Lockwood 4
Conflux Hellkite Hatchling Multicolor 111 Uncommon Daarken 4
Conflux Jhessian Balmgiver Multicolor 112 Uncommon David Palumbo 11
Conflux Knight of the Reliquary Multicolor 113 Rare Michael Komarck 2
Conflux Knotvine Mystic Multicolor 114 Uncommon Ariel Olivetti 7
Conflux Maelstrom Archangel Multicolor 115 Mythic Cyril Van Der Haegen  
Conflux Magister Sphinx Multicolor 116 Rare Steven Belledin 1
Conflux Malfegor Multicolor 117 Mythic Jason Chan 2
Conflux Meglonoth Multicolor 118 Rare Steve Prescott 3
Conflux Nacatl Outlander Multicolor 119 Common Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai 13
Conflux Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker Multicolor 120 Mythic D. Alexander Gregory  
Conflux Progenitus Multicolor 121 Mythic Jaime Jones  
Conflux Rhox Bodyguard Multicolor 122 Common Sal Villagran 8
Conflux Scarland Thrinax Multicolor 123 Uncommon Daarken 14
Conflux Shambling Remains Multicolor 124 Uncommon Nils Hamm 10
Conflux Skyward Eye Prophets Multicolor 125 Uncommon Matt Stewart 8
Conflux Sludge Strider Multicolor 126 Uncommon Franz Vohwinkel 6
Conflux Sphinx Summoner Multicolor 127 Rare Jaime Jones 4
Conflux Suicidal Charge Multicolor 128 Common Daarken 21
Conflux Vagrant Plowbeasts Multicolor 129 Uncommon Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai 7
Conflux Valeron Outlander Multicolor 130 Common Matt Stewart 14
Conflux Vectis Agents Multicolor 131 Common Chippy 20
Conflux Vedalken Outlander Multicolor 132 Common Izzy 15
Conflux Zombie Outlander Multicolor 133 Common Nils Hamm 11
Conflux Armillary Sphere Artifact 134 Common Franz Vohwinkel 2
Conflux Bone Saw Artifact 135 Common Pete Venters 2
Conflux Font of Mythos Artifact 136 Rare Dave Allsop 1
Conflux Kaleidostone Artifact 137 Common Chippy 10
Conflux Mana Cylix Artifact 138 Common Howard Lyon  
Conflux Manaforce Mace Artifact 139 Uncommon Jeremy Jarvis 5
Conflux Obelisk of Alara Artifact 140 Rare Jeremy Jarvis 2
Conflux Ancient Ziggurat Land 141 Uncommon John Avon 9
Conflux Exotic Orchard Land 142 Rare Steven Belledin  
Conflux Reliquary Tower Land 143 Uncommon Jesper Ejsing 2
Conflux Rupture Spire Land 144 Common Jaime Jones  
Conflux Unstable Frontier Land 145 Uncommon John Avon 2
Conflux Angel White 146 Token Cyril Van Der Haegen  
Conflux Elemental Red 147 Token Vance Kovacs 10