2001 GF Car Wars results


Hey Duel Fans,

Well, Regionals were fun to run, not as high of turnout as I had
hoped but such is life. So, on to the report. All qualifiers were ran
in the Devil's Cross, a Matchbox scale arena set up on 2 6'x 2 1/2'
tables with a 60 mph jump the narrow way, a 80 mph jump the long way, a
shootem in the center, and a line of jersey barriers just in from each
corner pointed towartd the center. Other WADA stuff for the tourney, All
Qualifiers on 4/28. Held at Game Faire, SFCC, Spokane, WA. Run by
Edgar Lincoln and Tom Lentz, Hosted by AAIE mailto:lincolnis@juno.com .
All duel, including final, are level one as we didn't have enough total
players to eliminate 1/2 by final.

Friday night was supposed to be a Div 25 qualifier, but lightning
storms knocked out the power, so we had to go home. Saturday morning we
ran a Div 15 with 5 players. I'm afraid I don't remember much by way of
specifics from this duel, only that the three rawest newbies took the top
3 places.


1st Chris Stewart 36 pts 1 VK Wa Ind
2nd Brentson Richards 17 pts 1 VK Wa Ind
3rd Catrina Lineha 10 pts 1 VK Wa Ind
4th Howard Lalicker 3 pts SWAT(East)
5th(tie) Theo Hill 1.5 pts AAIE
5th(tie) Gabe Majeski 1.5 pts Wa Ind

Sat around noon we did a Div 30 qualifier with 4 players. It was an
awfully short duel since everyone started on the same end of the arena.
Howard got in behind Brad and killed him, Josh got a t-bone on Howard to
finish him off, and Ken put 3 ATG rounds into Josh's front to kill him.
Lasted all of 3 turns, was finished in 1/2 hour. This was fast enough
that we were able to play a pickup game, more on that later.

1st Ken Fourn 24 pts 1 VK WA Ind
2nd Howard Lalicker 11 pts 1 VK SWAT(East)
3rd Josh Diemert 2 pts 1 VK WA Ind
4th Brad Yurkiw 1 pt WA Ind

Our last Qualifier of the day was a Div 25, and we were only taking one
to the final since Chris had already qualified. Chris became a mobility
kill in a big head on collision by Jack, but Jack's car was finished off
by a long shot from Josh before he could complete the kill. Jack's crew
got out to try to finish off Chris. Meanwhile, Craig had pulled in
behind Josh and finished him off. While Jack's crew was on top of Chris'
car trying to shoot into the ports, Chris and Craig were exchanging shots
while Craig got back up to speed after ramming Josh. Craig came in,
weapons blazing, lit Chris' car on fire, finished off his driver, then
rammed the dead hulk to wipe out Jack's pesky peds. Craig won the duel
but wouldn't be able to make the final so Josh went.

1st Craig Ambacher 24 pts 1 VK WA Ind
2nd Josh Diemert 11 pts 1 VK Wa Ind
3rd Jack Fruin 2 pts Wa Ind
4th Chris Stewart 1 pt Wa Ind

The Final was run Sunday at noon. Ken was unable to make it and we
didn't have enough people over all for a level 2 final so we allowed Theo
Hill, Gabe Majeski, and Carol Daugherty(who had been helping run the con
so was unable to play Saturday but was set to play Friday) to round out
the field of 9. The Arena was square, about 45 scale inches per side,
with a set of tables in the center with jumps going up onto them. This
was a destructive Model scale event, which means I had a dremel tool and
drill and hammers so when a person took damage, their car got damaged.
Participants were:

Tom Lentz, AAIE co club champion and not GMing, winner of many duels at
Game Faire over the years and worth 1 extra point if you killed him.
Driving the Gamera - Sloped sedan, spoil/air, driver/gunner, gas,
nitrous, FCGS R,L, FCE back, light metal all around with lots of plastic
under it.

Chris Stewart - Blast, Blast Baby - sedan, BCs L/R, gas, spoil/air,
driver only

Carol Daugherty - Champ 2 - Sedan, spoil/air, 2 HMGs in turret,
driver/gunner, gas

Theo Hill - Trial By Fire - Sloped Mid, super PP, Ramplate, driver only,

Howard Lalicker - Flaming Idiot Mk 3 - Inc RL in turret Smartlinked to
Inc RL in front, mixed load of AP for both, gas, Spoil/Air,

Catrina Linehan - Edgar's Car - fast Mid, gas, VFRP with LGL to targeting
laserF, Thick metal over thin plastic, spoil/air

Gabe Majestki - 2050 Thompson - Mid, 2 HMGs turret smart linked to 2 HMGs
Front, gas, driver, gunner, spoil/air

Brentson Richards - Rocket Van - van, 8 HRs F linked in 2 groups of 4, 2
MRs linked L/R, SDs L/R, driver and 2 gunners, Gas with component armor.

Josh Diemert - Cyclops - Sedan, BC front, driver only, spoil/air, slicks,

Action started quickly, where Brentson discovered that rockets are hard
to hit with, he shot too soon and missed Gabe, but closed with him, hit
with 1 HR and 1 MR, and rammed him, removing all of Gabe's left armor and
making him a marked man.
Tom triggered Nitrous, came screaming out from under the tables, and
scored a quick mobility kill by burning off Carol's tires with 2 shots of
the FCGS(I tend to use PR radials alot, one of the reasons the Gamera has
been so sucessful, and all design's but Tom's were mine), took a couple
of minor hits and fled back under the tables.
Theo did a head on with Carol, losing his ramplate(making him a
firepower kill as he had no other weapons) but finishing off Carol in the
process. Unfortunatly for him, Howard was coming behind her and put 2
Inc rockets into him, lighting him o fire, then 2 AP rockets to finish
him off. About this time Chris rammed Gabe, taking his mobility but was
unable to finish him off.
Tom came out from under the tables and managed to get Cat and Chris
with his FCGSs, eventually getting mobility kills on both. Cat managed
to hit Tom, forcing an ugly control roll at 110 mph which he
made(barely!). Tom fled the area, heading for Howard. Weapons fire from
both was inconclusive and Tom decided since it was late in the duel, he
would do a 170 mph headon instead of taking a t-bone to the delight of
the crowd. The damage was one short of his confetti number and thanks to
a plethora of CA, his driver survived but was pinned inside. Howard, on
the other hand, confettied messily. Much fun was had with a hammer.
Josh came in at the three sitting ducks(Cat, Gabe, and Chris), and
managed to finish off all three with a combination of his BC and rams.
Brentson, the last car other than Josh, came around and they made a pass
that should have killed one of them but didn't. Josh drove over two of
his spikes, only triggering one and taking minimal damage, even doubled,
and Josh t-boned brentson but wasn't going fast enough to finish him. It
was late and they were going away from each other so we called the game.

So, kind of an odd duel, the only full kills were Tom and Howard on
each other, all others were 1/2 kills. Tom won, making him the Regional
Champion for this year, congratulations! Trophies were what was left of
the top three cars, glued to a base. Josh was the only one with a car
still in reasonable shape, Tom's got beer caned and we had to glue the
bits of Howards. Merlyns, the nice folks who throw Game Faire, supplied
a $25 gift certificate for 1st place and paid for the plates for the
trophies(thanks John!) I'll post pictures when i get them developed.
Thanks to every one who played, I think that was the most fun I have had
at Game Faire in a number of years. I don't know if i will run regionals
again next year, but I will definatly be running Car Wars again at Game
Faire, hope to see you there.

WADA Stuff
AADA PNW Regional Final Div 20 Duel in Model scale 4/29 at Game Faire,
Spokane, WA
Edgar Lincoln, GM AAIE President lincolnis@juno.com 9 players, level
1 jumps
1st Tom "The Bitch" Lentz :-) 54 pts 1 VK AAIE RDC
2nd Josh Diemert 26 pts WA
3rd Howard Lalicker 15 pts 1 VK
4th Chris Stewart 6 pts
WA Ind
5th Brentson Richards 5 pts WA
6th(tie)Carol Daugherty 3.5 pts AAIE
6th(tie)Theo Hill 3.5 pts
8th(tie)Catrina Linehan 1.5 pts WA
8th(tie)Gabe Majestki 1.5 pts WA

Lastly, and quickly, we had time on Saturday to do a pick up game, so I
got to play in one too. It was a div 25 with 8 people. Quick run down
of the action is as follows: I lit up Theo with my 3 laser guided Inc
RLs and caused him to explode on the second turn.Tom weakened Cat with
his 2 BCs but failed to take her out, partially because he shot at her
AAmount(station wagon with 2 RLs on an AA mount) and hit the same RL both
times , she took out one BC of his. Brad (2 VFRPS Front) took on Josh
head to head, wiping him out. He then cleaned out what was left of Cat's
car for another full kill.
Meanwhile, Chris had gone in front of me with his spikes on auto. I
missed with my rockets, rammed him, lost all my tires to his spikes,
forced him onto his spikes, causing him to spinout and lose all his
tires. Tom came around and parked with his front into my side, using me
as armor and chewing away with his BC. My gunner finished off his
exposed BC with a heavy pistol so his crew got out to finish me by hand.
My gunner tried to throw a grenade at them, fumbled, dropped it inside
his CA, and blew himself up. Fortunatly, the CA contained it.
During all this, "Brother" Glen was circling around the back of
Chris's car, chewing away at his back armor until he got the kill. He
then came around to join the fun with Me, Brad, and Tom's peds. I was
plinking Inc rockets off Brad's 6 remaining points of metal, rolling
boxcars for the rockets to track the laser and 4s and 5s for damage.
Arrgh! He could have finished me with rockets into my open side but was
saving them for Glen. Tom found an obscure rule that says peds on a car
can fire into a weapon port and have a 50% chance of it going in and
damaging the weapon. his second shot took out my TL. The salvo after
that I finally got damage through to Brad's plastic and lit him on fire.
He rammed me, not doing enough damage to kill me but pushed me so my
weapons were pointed under a ramp and useless.
Glen came around, Breached his side, and my fire caused him to explode,
ending the duel.

WADA Stuff
Div 25 duel in AHM Arena 4/28/01 Game Faire Spokane, WA Edgar
Lincoln and Tom Lentz, GMs
AAIE hosting 8 players, level 1
1st Edgar Lincoln 48 Pts 2 VK
2nd Brad Yurkiw 23 pts 2 VK
3rd Brother Glen Hibbs 14 pts AAIE
4th Tom Lentz 5 pts
5th Chris Stewart 4 pts
6th Catrina Linehan 3 pts
7th(tie) Theo Hill 1.5 pts
7th(tie) Josh Diemert 1.5 pts